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A marketplace and music player on your mobile phone.

Nowadays, you can download most of the music on the internet for free, which hurts the music industry. It results in lacking of enthusiasm and interests for talent people getting into the industry. The music need to be avoid downloading and sharing for free, so that the industry can grow healthily and attract more talented people in the music industry. Now we have a perfect solution using blockchain technology.
UDAP released a new application – UMedia. UMedia is a music marketplace and music player on your mobile phone. Musicians can sell their own limited-edition music in the marketplace, where users can listen music in the application and buy music from musicians and other users too. UMedia is an enterprise level application.

In UMedia, every music is copyright protected by UDAP’s Proxy Re-Encryption(PRE) modules. PRE schemes are cryptosystems which allow third parties to alter a cipher content which has been encryted for one party, so that it may be decrypted by another. PRE ensures that nobody can download a music for free, and the shared music can’t be shared to any other parties. You can also share the bought music to your friend but you can’t listen the music during that time.

UDAP also use the State Channel to solve the blockchain latency and privacy issues. State Channels are basically two-way pathways opened between two users that want to communicate with each other in the form of transactions. Each participant in the channel signs these transactions with his private key to ensure that they are undeniably true and authorized. So users can buy and receive the music instantly, it’s the internet users experience. That’s also a user-free solution, since users don’t have to pay the gas fee, if they don’t want to commit the transaction to the blockchain. And no one also know the transaction too, that gives users(or musician) an option if they don’t want to disclose the transaction.

UMedia is not only a marketplace for musician sell music to users, but also a exchange for users to sell their music with each other. User can also buy the music from other users in the application directly, if the music is sold out. So actually end users can benefits from their bought music, it’s possible to sell the music higher than the original buying price. And musicians can also benefits from each of the music ownership transfer if they want to. For example, they can get 20% of the fee on second hand market, music is coded by smart contract, just tell UDAP the percentage. Once UMedia is released to the market, this application can be easily changed to marketplace and players for other contents like Movie, Novel, Sound applications, or any media types that are needed copyright protection.

 The diagram shows the functions and complicated system of the application and also how easy to make an enterprise level application using UDAP middleware, since all of the difficult jobs on blockchain are handled by UDAP middleware already.