A new asset tokenization framework

UDAP Middleware

A platform that provides APIs for blockchain protocols and business

Harvest Wallet

An ERC721 and UDAP Singular style asset wallet


A music marketplace and a music player on your mobile phone


UDAP Decentralized Game Engine


UDAP Decentralized Game Engine

Pain Points

Currently, Decentralized games can’t meet the needs of developers to do fancy games for commercial needs, because of the higher barrier of technical requirements for different public chains.

Some of the pain points encountered by the developers:

• Difficulty of integrate with chains

• Slow transaction confirmation speed

• High Gas fee

• Small sending and receiving data

• Security verification difficulty

UDGE Features

UDAP game engine for decentralized games, that solves the slow, inefficient and high GAS cost issues on Ethereum and other public chains.

• No GAS fee requires during a game, saving cost for players

• Instant confirmation results for multiple parties, that’s the key for all games

• Secured Random Mechanism, the random results can be verified and open sourced

• Built-in common game rules, configuration can be automatically executed

• No registration required, users can play game directly from digital wallets.

• On-chain and off-chain Arbitration system that protect players

• On-chain setting system to withdraw balance to users automatically

• Compatible with popular wallets like MetaMask, ImToken, CoinBase Wallet, Opera, Trust, etc.

• Enable mint or use other tokens

The State Channel Technology

UDGE used the State Channel technology, transfers the unnecessary on-chain transactions to the state channel, verify the validity of transactions through the digital signatures of all parties. If Any party cheats, the other parties can initiate arbitration on-chain and the Arbitration system can ensure the fairness.

State Channel includes on-chain and off-chain system

On-Chain System

Deposit assets before entering the channel

Define the game rule

Provides the contracts for updating channel states

Provides the arbitration for any disputes

Off-Chain system

State exchange, game rules and signature verification logics.

Maintenance and saving of the status of all parties

Validation of off-chain state validity

Timely updates of the off-chain states

Submit off-chain disputes to on-chain arbitration

Business Cooperation

Currently, UDGE can be used in fixed number of parties, game rule is clear, more interactions, may requires a secured random mechanism game, like chess, turn-base strategy games, etc. UDGE has been tested and running perfectly on some of the games, and we are looking for more game developer using UDGE to develop more decentralized game and or apps.

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