A new asset tokenization framework

UDAP Middleware

A platform that provides APIs for blockchain protocols and business

Harvest Wallet

An ERC721 and UDAP Singular style asset wallet


A music marketplace and a music player on your mobile phone


UDAP Decentralized Game Engine

UDAP Middleware

UDAP is a “layer two” solution to non-fungible asset lifecycle management, search and trade(including some common trading models like buy and sell, rental, auction, pledge, etc.). With this proposed decentralized middleware network, non-fungible assets can be defined, registered, verified, tracked and traded using an ERC721-compatible on-chain asset model. Complex operations like auction and search are routed to off-chain service nodes, however, transactions are still anchored by on-chain consensus algorithms.

Application developers no longer need to code with low-level web3 APIs and specific storage and messaging APIs. The middleware provides a coarse asset-oriented APIs and off-chain solutions (like state channel and off-chain search) that expands transaction capacity and enables immediate finality.

UDAP Middleware Layer

Our Solutions


Valuable decentralized features that do not require heavy investment in blockchain technologies.

UDAP defines convenient APIs for traditional vertical applications. This allows them to integrate with blockchains. An added benefit to application developers is that a deep understanding of blockchain and decentralization technologies is not required.


Fast, cheap and secure integration with public blockchains, without specific lock-in.

UDAP implements State Channel technology to solve some of the most challenging issues with developing and running Blockchain-based applications. State Channel technology provides high scalability, low cost, privacy protection and immediate responsive.


Application Wallet with in-app currency and Smart Contracts that provide asset life cycle management, trading (including some common trading models like buy and sell, rental, auction, pledge, etc.) and search capability.